Prevail Gaming

The eSports team and gaming community of today. 

What We Do

Prevail Gaming is an eSports and talent acquisition organization that is established in the gaming community. We take what we know and have learned as avid gamers and competitors to offer a new platform for all players to game, communicate, and compete. We offer many ways for our community to engage and interact to build friendships and relationships that will last. We acquire talent in multiple fields for games to compete as a team at a high level. We also look for talent in the field of content creation to help grow the audience of creators everywhere. Prevail Gaming as a team and community work together to build the non-toxic environment needed for all players and creators to thrive. 

Our Vision

Prevail Gaming aspires to compete in the highest level of video game eSports. We plan to bring the greatest talent to the spotlight and allow them to thrive in their respective talent field. As a team of avid gamers ourselves, we are looking to build a strong community of those with similar interest to grow together. We are always looking to support others and help them achieve their goals. We also pride ourselves in assisting with the development of new key players in the gaming community. We are looking to assist anyone from the underdogs to the new, young talent of gaming to reach the spotlight they require to achieve their dreams. 

Come Play with Us

We welcome everyone to join us and our wonderful community. Everyone is welcome and look forward to playing and chatting with everyone. Be sure to join our Discord and take part in our many community events to engage with our amazing team.

Our Merch

Be sure to grab some official Prevail Gaming merchandise to support your favorite team.